this girl deserves an oscar

me when forced to do chores

WOOOWWWWWWWW!!! this is why I probably don’t want to have kids, lol.





EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: Contribute a Video RECord of yourself talking about the Gun Policy in your Country & how it effects your life. Here are some questions you can answer:

  1. Do you agree or disagree with your Country’s Gun Policy? Why or Why not?
  2. Do you see Guns on a daily basis? If so, where?
  3. Do Police Officers carry Guns in your Country? How does this make you feel?
  4. Does anyone in your Family own a Gun? If so, why do they have one?


GunBlocks is a fun mix of TetrisWorms and Terraria, where you control a crew-mate of a crash-landed spaceship who has to put up with an incompetent captain and an over-fiendly super computer while on a quest to repair the ship.

The gameplay is pretty easy to pick up, each move you must use the Tetris-like blocks in your inventory to aid your progress across the world, then aim and fire, then finally move forward 4 spaces.  The screen automatically moves forward each turn, so if you get stuck behind some scenery for too long you’ll die.  Likewise, if you fail to fill in any gaps in the scenery and fall through as you automatically move forward 4 spaces you’ll die.  There’s not much chance of this happening in the relativity easy Pre-Alpha Demo, but it’s easy to see how the difficulty could be ramped up with larger gaps and obstacles.

The Pre-Alpha Demo is pretty short, but it does give a good indication of what to expect from the finished game.  As well as it’s innovative gameplay features, GunBlocks also has a great sense of humor, with an incompetent crew helmed by a captain that allows his pet pig to fly a spacecraft, a super happy ship computer, and your character who’s all to happy to point out the ridiculousness of his situation.  Coming to PC, Mac, and iOS/Android TabletsGunBlocks looks set to be a fun puzzle platform adventure with an interesting mix of of gameplay mechanics and a great sense of humor.

Play the Pre-Alpha Demo